Bonze lamps, bronze clocks

New emotions come to light.

Since 1966, Fonderia Bronzi Artistici Italia has been safeguarding and constantly revitalising the art of casting metal, with fiery passion,
to create unique works of art.
At F.B.A.I. this skill has been passed down from father to son, ever since cavalier Franco Perego
co-ordinated by his brother-in-law Alberto Callegari, set up the family business; a skill that has its roots in typically Italian master craftsmanship.
Here traditional casting and finishing work is given new life:
only in this way does bronze become the aesthetic expression of high quality craftsmanship.


F.B.A.I. creates lamps and lampshades with an immediately recognisable personality.
The exquisite bronze structures are epitomised in the fine lightweight hand-blown and worked crystal glass.
And even more so in the extremely fine porcelain inserts produced by TYCHE,
a family run business that has always specialised in this type of high quality workmanship.


Objects destined to keep track of time but also leave their mark.
F.B.A.I. clocks combine entirely handcrafted bronze and porcelain in perfect harmony.
The luxurious, delicate style faithfully reproduces classic and Rococo themes.

Complementary items.

Ingenious, unusual variations on classic themes open up new horizons for lovers of beautiful things.
Every F.B.A.I. creation is designed and produced as a unique piece, is never identical
to another and faithfully continues to offer the craftsman’s qualities that the Company has always considered fundamental.

Made in Italy.

The manufacturing mindset is a typically Italian attitude, renowned throughout the world.
It is further enhanced when the raw materials – as is the case with F.B.A.I. – are in themselves highly valuable.
Their intrinsic value is in fact added to the distinctive,
which confirm F.B.A.I.’s vocation for excellence.
Always, totally, in true “Made in Italy” style.

A tradition for
over half a century.